A safe NFT space

Project Shield

A Shield of Trust & VC funds for new NFT projects


MINT PRICE: 2.69 Sol Crossmint.io available

Why did we create shield?

The NFT space is a volatile and secretive space where we see project after project rug, leaving the holders with a worthless pictures and a distrust for the space while looking for answers. We have seen positive movement in making these projects more secure with doxxing companies’ like Civic Pass or Proof of Pizza, but at the end of the day all they do is turn names over to authorities. We are proposing a better way to start and vet projects while protecting the holders.

What is the Shield of trust and how does a project get it?

The Shield of trust means we have personally vetted the owners and financials to make sure the road map is viable. Shield will offer a seal of trust by setting projects up the right way. 

  • We will do the following for each project:
    • Doxx all owners.
    • Set up multi signature wallets.
    • Project owners will need a sign off from a shield member to withdraw funds. 
    • We will require the project owners to submit a budget along with a road map showing the project’s viability using the minted funds. 

Why would any project want to go through all of this?

 Because of all these steps taken to set up the project, Shield will guarantee that If the project does fail to complete the road map (aka Rugs), our insurance will refund all holders the original mint price of the nft. No one is willing to fully refund holders if a project fails. This adds a huge value to anyone willing to go through our vetting process.

We are aiming to be the most trusted name in the nft space
while providing security for all who invest.

Are you ready?


  • Before shield mint: Elect 5 round table members (DAO)
  •  Mint of Shields
  • Start marketing to project to sell our Shield of Trust and Trusted partner Seal
  • 60-90 day after mint our launchpad will be ready
  • Start Minting projects on our launchpad after development
  • 30 days after our first launch start air dropping revshare to holders.
  • Deploy Mint now Pay Later on launchpad
  • Q4-Q1 2023 expand launchpad to ETH and other chains
  • Q1 Steaking website and staking token 
  • TBD Knight mint
  • 2025-2026 Look for Buyer for Project Shield

Interested in becoming a trusted project or start up funds for your project?



 Art evolutions: Mint 1 (shield) + mint 2 (knights) = Knight with shield.

You must have a knight to use evolutions. You do not need all evolutions you can pick or choose each evolution to create a unique knight of your choosing. Each evolutions will increase your daily staking amount

Other Evolutions: Weapons | Castle | War | War horse | Name you knight

Who we are

Our Team

About me: Father of 2 amazing little humans that fill my life with so much joy. An amazing and supportive wife of 10 years. I love the tiny home movement, fun fact I have a fully renovated school bus that I hope to one day make a full tour of the US. I live in sunny Phoenix, Az and enjoy getting outdoors whenever I can especially if it's with the family

Professional: Professional Project Manager with 10+ years in improving business practices, mitigating risk and managing complex multi million dollar projects. I have held roles building companies with a VC and also business improvement for a fortune 500 company. I have managed a PMO with almost 28,000 associates reporting to several Project managers working across almost every vertical you could imagine.

Crypto: I have been part of the Blockchain since 2013 trading crypto and investing in alt coins. I have only recently gotten into the NFT space purely by accident. But since then I have seen that IRL and the web3 space have huge potential if we can improve the UX and make the space safer for large irl investors to enter the space.
Thomas Schneringer
A southern Yankee psychologist by training; a crypto enthusiast by accident. Mo ventured onto Solana projects to see if stereotypes regarding NFT folk were correct, but they were wrong. Prefers projects with long-term vision and warm community. She was a cook in a past life and will probably sell SOL for good booze.
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